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A Year in the Life of My Child

As a parent who has navigated through the many phases of raising children, I deeply understand the challenges and joys of parenting. 'A Year in the Life of My Child' is designed to be your steadfast guide, helping you focus on the uplifting and positive aspects of each day, and in turn, attracting more enriching experiences for you and your child

Experience the transformative power of cherishing even the mundane moments, much like the heartwarming antics of Peep, whose playful spirit during Christmas tree decorating became a daily source of joy for his parents.


How the program works

Discover the transformative power of noticing and appreciating the simple joys in everyday parenting. From adorable mishaps to milestone achievements, this program guides you to focus on the uplifting moments, enhancing your parenting experience and attracting more positivity into your family life.

  • Daily Positive Focus: Each day, take a moment to reflect on a positive interaction or a joyful moment with your child, fostering a deeper appreciation and connection.

  • Document the Journey: Along with your reflections, capture these moments in photos or short video clips, highlighting the day's best experiences.

  • End-of-Year Compilation: At the end of the year, receive a beautifully edited video compilation of all your captured moments, provided on a thumb drive for easy viewing and sharing.


At the end of your year-long journey with 'A Year in the Life of My Child,' you have the wonderful opportunity to highlight your cherished memories in a custom keepsake. (Additional fee applies)


This beautiful photo book is designed to encapsulate the heartwarming moments of growth, laughter, and everyday adventures you've documented throughout the year.


Opting for this photo book not only provides you with a tangible memento of this fleeting time but also offers a precious gift that can be shared and revisited with family and friends for years to come.


Enrich your parenting journey and build a lifetime of Memories

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