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Discover the Power of Gratitude

Introducing 'My 365 Days of Gratitude'—your essential daily companion designed to foster a deeper appreciation for life's everyday blessings.

How the journal works

This journal offers you a structured way to cultivate gratitude, enhancing your daily experiences and building a foundation for lasting happiness.

  • Daily Prompts: Each page of the journal features a unique prompt that encourages you to reflect on specific aspects of your life, from the simplest pleasures to the grandest celebrations. These prompts are carefully crafted to spark deep thought and enable you to recognize the abundance surrounding you.

  • Morning and Evening Reflections: Begin and end your day with gratitude. Our morning entries set a positive tone for your day, while evening reflections help you find peace and contentment as you look back on the moments that made your day worthwhile.

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Local Pickup Available

Are you local to Simcoe County? Get in touch to arrange a local pick-up!


Free Meditation with Purchase

Dive into a free meditation crafted by Kimberly Featherstonhaugh, designed to guide you beyond your boundaries towards a life filled with joy and love.


Scan the QR Code in the book to access!

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