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Meet Kimberly

Author, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Reiki

Kimberly’s journey is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and spiritual healing, shaped by her experiences as a mother to three incredible children and a Nan to a bright, sweet grandson who brings immense joy and light into her life.

Her deep commitment to nurturing and guiding others extends beyond her family; it is the cornerstone of her professional practice.


Kimberly’s path to becoming a life coach was inspired by her own life experiences and the challenges she has overcome, fueling her desire to help others navigate their journeys with grace and resilience. Her approach is deeply rooted in compassion and understanding, aiming to connect on a profound level with those she guides.

With a heart full of love and a spirit invigorated by her roles as a mother and Nan, Kimberly’s mission is to harness her gifts to inspire people globally to attain a happier, more loving life. She is not just a coach but a mentor who views every client as part of her extended family, treating each encounter with the utmost care and integrity.

Kimberly’s story is one of transformation—from navigating life’s highs and lows to emerging as a beacon of strength and positivity. Her personal and professional experiences intertwine, creating a rich tapestry of wisdom that she is eager to share, empowering her clients to lead lives filled with purpose, joy, and unconditional love


Are you ready to transform your life with Kimberly's Guidance?

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